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Global Ice age, er, no …Global warming, er…?

Posted by Paul on November 26, 2006

Another nice day in Buffalo – mid 60’s – must be global warming!! Of course, one month ago we had the earliest heavy lake effect storm in history with nearly 3 feet of snow. The global warming scaremongers point to both events and conclude both indicate global warming.

I’m old enough to remember the scaremongers from the 70’s who were so certain that we were about to enter another ice age. I even got caught up on this in high school reading a copy of Paul Erlich‘s book “Population Bomb”.

As a scientist for 27 years, I can say with certainty that neither the 1970’s ice age nor todays “Day after Tomorrow“scenario represent anything but poor science paraded as fact.  Most scientists have trouble predicting tomorrows weather, much less the temperature 100 years from now. Remember last spring “scientists predicted the worst hurricane season ever?  Well, only two hurricanes made landfall this year in the US. There are many scientists that do not buy into the CW about global warming. See this analysis of the Stern Report or this article on Why the Atmosphere is not warming.

There are many more urgent concerns that should be focus of our attention at the moment – HIV in Africa, malaria, suicidal Islamist’s that are intent on obtaining nuclear weapons to name a few.  But to the true believers a reduction in population will probably be a good thing.


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