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Real Estate Goals, Mission, Strategy

Posted by Paul on December 13, 2006

I wrote about some of my real estate goals yesterday.  Since then I have completed reading The E-Myth Revisited and have been inspired to create something grander.  Maybe this is just my tendency to go to extremes working again or maybe I am finally getting it.

 Gerber makes the case for developing your business as a “franchise” whether or not you plan to actually franchise it. The point is that once you put the elements in place, the business can run without you and you can actually achieve some financial independence.

He has seven parts of the strategy

  1. Primary Aim
  2. Strategic objective
  3.  Organizational strategy
  4. Management Strategy
  5. People strategy
  6. Market strategy
  7. Systems strategy

I’ve used my new favorite tool pbwiki to create our business mission, strategies and listed our 2007 goals in the sidebar.  Take a look here or click on link under blogroll “Real Estate Goal wiki”.


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