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moving blog

Posted by Paul on January 12, 2007

I’ve decided to move this blog to googles blogger site. The link is ExtremePerspective.

I’ve done this for a number of reasons

  • traffic is higher
  • ultimately I want to make money at this and wordpress doesn’t allow this option
  • blogger is easier to customize for me.

I know there is lots of debate here about the money issue and thats OK. I chose to move.


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more airline woes

Posted by Paul on November 25, 2006

my wife finally took off for China this afternoon two hours late. This will guarantee that she will miss the last flight from Beijing to her home town and have to spend the night in Beijing. So US Air’s poor service will have cost us nearly $700 extra.  Five days to China – who knew we still lived in the dark ages of air travel?

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airline frustration

Posted by Paul on November 24, 2006

My wife is trying to fly to China. She flew out yesterday but the flight was 2 hours late, so she missed the connection to China. Neither US Air nor Air China were willing to help her. A United agent tried to help, but even she got frustrated with Air China. Air China cancelled their Friday flight, so my wife is spending two nights in NYC at $200 a night. We’re just SOL as far as the cost goes per the airlines.  Don’t think I’ll fly either of these airlines again.  I had a run-in with Sears in 1981 and never shopped with them again. Poor customer service is one of my pet peeves that is unforgiveable.

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My Real Estate venture this year

Posted by Paul on November 24, 2006

This past spring we found a nice brick cape in the growing suburb of Lancaster. The owner had gone into a nursing home and the kids were trying to sell the house. It had sat on the market for 6 months primarily (I think) due to lots of water in the basement. The asking prices was the assessed value ($105K) and had just been reduced to $98K. We offered $75K with seller paying $3K in closing costs. We ended up at $80.5K with $1500 closing paid by seller. We took out a HELOC on our house to pay for the 20% down required for investment property and the repairs. We closed in May and in 6 weeks we had repainted inside and out, had BathFitters put in a new tub and shower enclosure (too expensive!) and had drain tile put in the basement. We spent about $17K. In order to get some money coming in fast we advertised it as a “rent to own”. We had a simple RTO sign in the front yard and that sign pulled in over 500 calls. A newspaper ad and an ebay listing pulled in 2 leads. One nice couple who had gone through bankruptcy signed the agreement. Part of our lease is that they pay for the first $200 of repairs. They also paid us $2500 in option money.

So far they have been perfect tenants – already spending money on the house like it is theirs. Rents are paid on time. This is our inspiration to expand this concept and why I think it is the best route right now to accumulate money for college and retirement.

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What’s Extreme Perspective?

Posted by Paul on November 22, 2006

Some would say that most of my life I have been going to extremes – I’ve investing and lost 100’s of thousands of dollars trying to make money; travelled half-way around the world to adopt large sibling groups and then lose them; spent time at both extremes of political and religious beliefs;  and married to a woman that didn’t speak English from the other half of the world.  I enjoy skiing on black diamond trails and took up mountain biking down the same ski slopes at age 52. 

So, you know a little about the extremes, but what about perspective? To those that don’t know me, I am a boring engineer intested in statistics. Having experience both sides of many things, I think I can offer some perspective. But more than that, I hope my readers will give me some perspective about where to go from here.  I’ll talk about that in my next post.

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